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The State of Trading (in the Bitcoin Markets)

I wanted to make a post of my interpretations of current state of sentiment and trading in the bitcoin markets and see if others share similar views:
1) Since mid-January (9months) we have been rangebound/trendless/sideways essentially between $200-300 with fakeouts to the upside and downsides. There certainly has been a general loss of interest by traders as many have turned to trading other markets -- here is a TradingView Chat activity of Bitcoin VS Forex VS Stocks and indexes: http://imgur.com/8LyeHjt
2) Volume across exchanges doesn't seem to be waning that much which would be indicative of what we would see in the despair phase of a bear winter -- I am not suggesting this as any inflection point or calling an end anytime soon™. We are also seeing the rise of Skynet again as it appears Bitstamp has bought the ever effective Star OKCoin volume washing bot: http://imgur.com/q6EAkle -- we also see the return of the random 10k BTC candles appearing again on OKC spot which used happen almost daily.
3) The traders/degenerate gamblers are/were the last people still interested in bitcoin in such a committed way IMO -- yes there are those 21inc companies and blah blah but really I don't know anyone else who is still waking up to bitcoin price alarms or forgoing activities with real life friends when price action calls. And now we are even seeing some of this interest wane as I believe the ramping up volume washing bot activity is the Casino trying to keep the lights flashing and the sounds blasting so that we keep wanting to play the game. Take a look at the volume on Stamp when it introduced that MM bot: http://imgur.com/MZdxIdp
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PROFIT From False Breakouts! - Forex Trading Strategy

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